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About The Zenith Clinic

A super specialty clinic striving to give you a better life. 


At Zenith, we provide comprehensive care for diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and obesity. We are dedicated to achieving patient satisfaction by offering our services at a fair cost and with a humanitarian and caring attitude. Our group hospitals feature cutting-edge infrastructure, a broad range of clinical services, highly experienced and trained experts, committed employees, and a patient-centered organizational culture. Recent advancements, notably in the realm of medical research and technology, have completely altered the situation.

Our efforts are focused on providing a one-of-a-kind portal to patients by assisting them in preventing problems through a continuous and complete review that is acknowledged on an international level. The presence of a multidisciplinary treatment team that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a team spirit to assist the patients is the center’s primary specialization.

Dr. Manik Chhabra is a   Nephrologist in Noida who has worked both domestically and internationally for over 15 years. His main research interests include correct hypertension treatment, early diagnosis of kidney disorders, and dialysis prevention. He also has expertise in the treatment of kidney infections as well as before and post-transplant care.

Dr. Nandini Chhabra is a endocrinologist in Noida who has worked in this profession for over 15 years, both domestically and internationally. Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases, and Obesity are three of her main areas of interest. She also specializes in Type 2 Diabetes prevention and reversal, as well as Diabetic Foot Disease Management.

The clinic offers consultations for the aforementioned conditions as well as other services such as 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) and 24-hour blood sugar monitoring (FGM).


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