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About Dr. Nandini Chhabra

Dr Nandini Chhabra, is a Physician Endocrinologist, with specialization in the treatment of Diabetes , Thyroid and Obesity management. She holds a 15 yrs experience, both Nationally and Internationally ( UK ), working from primary health centers to tertiary care hospitals, managing patients from various cultural backgrounds.

She takes a holistic approach to diabetes treatment, being her core area of interest, believing in the tight relationship between physical and mental health, as well as the need for preventative medication and long-term lifestyle modifications. 

She provides a systematic diagnostic and therapeutic approach in the management of a wide range of endocrine cases, including Cushing’s disease, pheochromocytomas, pituitary macroadenomas, acromegaly, and insulinomas, as well as planning and executing the respective Dynamic endocrine testing and post-surgical management of these cases.

Thyroid disorders

When a person’s thyroid doesn’t generate enough thyroid hormone, they are said to have hypothyroidism.

Adrenal disorders

Adrenal disorders is a condition in which Adrenal gland does not make enough of certain hormones.

Education and Experience

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