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Dr. Nandini Chhabra is a physician and endocrinologist  specialised in the treatment of diabetes, thyroid disease, and obesity. She has 15 years of national and international job experience.

Dr. Nandini provides a state-of-the-art management approach to thyroid diseases, diabetes, obesity, PCOD, and other hormonal disorders.

She has extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of various endocrine disorders (particularly diabetes and thyroid management) with which she has established herself as an eminent Endocrinologist in Noida.

Her mission is to provide highest quality endocrinology specialty care to her patients  practicing evidence-based medicine. Her top objective is to provide individualized care plans for her patients and therefore help them incorporate treatment regimens into their daily works of life. 



Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by chronic high sugars


Thyroid Disorder

When a person's thyroid doesn't generate enough thyroid hormone, they are said to have hypothyroidism.


Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes may be reversed with time and determination, with reduced fatigue

Diabetic Foot

Nerve damage from diabetes can cause you to lose feeling in your feet. You may not feel a cut, a blister or a sore.

Vitamin D deficiency

A deficiency in vitamin D can result from inadequate exposure to sunlight, inefficient production in the skin, not enough vitamin D in your diet.


Cholesterol Disorder

Cholesterol is a waxy molecule that may be present in your bloodstream.



PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects a large number of women who are of reproductive age.



Osteoporosis is a bone-weakening illness that puts you at a higher risk

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